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Early Mourning by Pleading-Eyes Early Mourning :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 3 0
(MCR) Helena X Reader
Warnings: Harsh language, death, MCR
*gender of reader is not specified
                                                      Long ago
                                     Just like the hearse, you die to get in again
                                                We are so far from you
You wiped your eyes, dark black eyeliner streaking down your face as you fought back tears. You can’t believe she's really dead. Helena. The crowd shambled into the church like half-rotted emo zombies. This is all your fault. This is all your goddamn fault. You should have made her stay that night. Just one night and none of this would have happened. Sh
:iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 0 0
Helena - Goosebumps by Pleading-Eyes Helena - Goosebumps :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 2 1 Darkiplier - Goosebumps by Pleading-Eyes Darkiplier - Goosebumps :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 17 14
Marvel X Reader (ch 2)
As you walked into the office of Nelson and Murdock, you heard the hysterical laughter of Foggy and Karen scolding him.
“Uh...good morning?’ you attempted to call attention to yourself. Foggy managed a hey in between laughter.
“(Y/n), you won't believe what he just did,” she complained. You raised an eyebrow, glancing at Matt who looked like he couldn't care less about what was happening. “Well...Tell her!” she insisted.
“I...t-threw a book at him,” he giggled. You stifled a laugh, knowing if Karen wasn't there, Matt would have caught that easily. Karen gave you an irritated look and muttered about sensitivity training.
You knocked lightly on the door to your uncle’s house before letting yourself in with the spare key. “Uncle Hank?” you called walking into the kitchen only to see a dark haired man you didn't know. You immediately pressed your pistol to his head. “Who are you and where's my uncle?” yo
:iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 2 0
Marvel x Reader (ch.1)
{A/N} warning(s): harsh language
pairing(s): Reader x Matt Murdock
A young woman, about the age of twenty three pulled the edge of her dark hoodie closer to her bodie. If she could just have one normal night to herself, just ONE, she would be eternally grateful. What she wouldn't give to have her own bed to sleep in, a family to go home too...hell even a dog would do. She whipped out her twin pistols when the sudden shaking of a garbage bin could be heard. Her years of nonstop training kicked in getting her fingers just itching to pull the triggers. Cautiously and silently, she carefully opened the bin to reveal the source of the noises. Well...there was the dog she wanted...No, Wait...thats a racoon..With a gun?!
“The hell are you looking at, lady,” it...SPOKE? It was only then did you recover yourself enough to see the small potted plant it was holding.
“I am Groot!” Great now you’ve definitely lost it, (Y/n). This is definitely not good. Not good at all
:iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 5 5
Quicksilver cosplay 3/3 by Pleading-Eyes Quicksilver cosplay 3/3 :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 3 0 Quicksilver cosplay 2/3 by Pleading-Eyes Quicksilver cosplay 2/3 :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 5 2 Quicksilver cosplay (1/3) by Pleading-Eyes Quicksilver cosplay (1/3) :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 4 3 Creepy Pasta OC: Lavender Town by Pleading-Eyes Creepy Pasta OC: Lavender Town :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 1 3 The eyes are windows to the soul by Pleading-Eyes The eyes are windows to the soul :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 2 0 Love is Patient, Love is Kind by Pleading-Eyes Love is Patient, Love is Kind :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 3 0
Doctor!Markiplier vs. Nurse!Reader *crack*
You slowly pulled into the parking lot of your current place of work. You turned off the ignition and hit your head against the steering wheel repeatedly. Of COURSE your request for a vacation day had to be denied the day he was working. It couldn't have been Dr. Jack or even nurse Yammi. No it was him. The one person on this planet who you simply couldn't stand (besides Sam Pepper anyways). Dr. Markiplier. Reluctantly you sat back up and fixed your (h/l) (h/c) hair in the rearview mirror before dragging yourself out of your (f/c) car.
As you slowly made your way to the hospital you pondered why you even put up with this man. Shaking these thoughts out of your head, you slowly pushed open the door and made your way to the front desk.
“Hey there, (y/n),” your co-worker Wade said while clocking you into the system,”Mark’s waiting for you in surgery.” You nodded and dragged your feet to room 305. Slowly you opened the door to see the doctor standing in the mi
:iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 6 9
TFIOS by Pleading-Eyes TFIOS :iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 0 0
Brace Yourself (ch 2) Childish Tendencies
I wandered down the nearly empty aisles, trying to scavenge any canned goods I could find. Wearily, I eyed the broken down windows. I had been hoping for a bit of quiet away from the quarreling lovebirds, but that wish was quickly discarded by the groans of the dead. I began to shove the cans into my bag at a quicker pace. Giving a hurried glance at the large boarded up doors, it was plain to see they weren't going to hold much longer. "So much for peace and quiet," I muttered, hurrying back to my companions. "Oh just shut it," great they're still fighting, "Well maybe if you warnt so disrespectful-," "I hate to interrupt your little lovers quarrel," I interjected," but we need to move. As in right now." They both looked ready to argue before the gut-wrenching sound of breaking wood hit our ears. For a moment we all froze. It wasn't until the groans came closer did we find it in ourselves to gather our belongings and escape. Brodie yanked up part of the board, letting me and Agele slip
:iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 0 0
Destiel Drabble
The tall, soldier of heaven stood over the sleeping hunter. His hunter. Castiel found himself wondering. What was this odd feeling he had every time the gazed into the elder Winchester’s deep, green eyes? What was this odd craving to run his rough fingers through his soft hair? Of course he understood the concept of love, he simply thought it impossible for anyone or anything not human to develop this sort of emotion. And yet, here it was. Plain as day. Dean shifted in his sleep. Castiel’s vibrant blue eyes wandered across his sleeping body. What was it about this simple hunter that made his whole world seem so much brighter. In this truly messed up world, Dean was all he needed. If this little human emotion called love. Maybe it was something he could live with. Until the time came to truly explore these feelings, he would keep them inside. Only letting them slip out in little glances into Dean’s gorgeous eyes. With a graceful flap of his wings, he left before the gr
:iconpleading-eyes:Pleading-Eyes 1 0


Safety Off (MacCready x F!SS)
Easy City Downs. They'd stumbled upon it after having a few too many beers and then deciding to spend the afternoon wandering around looking for trouble. Even though the sun hung low on the horizon and she knew they should head back to Diamond City before nightfall, she couldn't resist taking a closer look. MacCready followed without question, he never seemed reluctant to walk into potential danger.
It took the better part of an hour to scour the grounds and eliminate the raiders and gangsters that had infested the place. They carefully picked through their belongings, stashing any ammo, chems or caps they found. After it was done, they stood in the firelight of a burning barrel of debris, staring at the racetrack as they realized what exactly was going on… it was some kind of robot race. The machines paid no heed to their now dead masters as they circled, beeping or occasionally spouting a programed taunt to one another. She wondered if it would ever end, or if they'd keep circl
:iconamailia:amailia 11 5
Shadow of a God MacCready x Reader (F!SS)
Shadow of a God
Shayfer James
MacCready x Reader (F!SS)
Good lady
I was currently walking behind the boss while we were on our way back to Red Rocket. We had just cleared out and set up another settlement for the minutemen. It still boggled me that (Y/n) did all of this for free. She never asked for anything in return.
“Hey, Boss?”
Tread Lightly
“What’s up, Mac?” She responded. She normally would stop and look at him while he talked, but today she kept walking it. My nerves were racked. Telling (y/n) my feelings I had developed for her after all her help and kindness. Which honestly I wasn’t surprised about my new feelings that had arisen. She had helped me with no questions asked she risked her life for mine and my son’s.
Dark matter debutante
When I didn’t proceed with my question, she stopped and turned to look at me, with worry in her eyes.
“Is everything okay, Ma
:iconartemisfowl11:ArtemisFowl11 31 4
Proud Parents - Fallout 4 - Reader Insert
Who in the right mind thought stealing a Deathclaw's eggs would be a good idea? It didn't surprise you those people didn't finish their mission, but what surprised you was why they were sent to do it in the first place. Perhaps they intended to tame the Deathclaws, raise them when their young or something.
They must of forgotten about they're mother.
You, on the other hand, were more then willing to return the eggs to their home. Hopefully this will calm the Deathclaws and keep them busy, instead of attacking settlements and people. It was better then letting the eggs sit in the open for any wanderer to find, God forbid, or to keep them yourself.
It was a long way to the nearest Deathclaw nest, and both you and Dogmeat were bored of walking the Commonwealth. You pulled up your Pipboy and played some good old Diamond City radio to pass the time. You sang along to a song about space travel.
" Would you like to ride my rocket 69?
(Rocket 69, rocket 69)
Well, would you like to ride my r
:iconskullpalace:SkullPalace 65 12
My (first) Fallout Dress-up game by Faytale My (first) Fallout Dress-up game :iconfaytale:Faytale 2 1 Good ol' Vault Boy by Terranol Good ol' Vault Boy :iconterranol:Terranol 12 31 Deathclaw Trainer by RPAkita Deathclaw Trainer :iconrpakita:RPAkita 429 86 Magnus Vault Tec Fallout Version by KillingjarStudios Magnus Vault Tec Fallout Version :iconkillingjarstudios:KillingjarStudios 9 3 Vault Tec Survival Guide (Version 1) by KevlarKatana Vault Tec Survival Guide (Version 1) :iconkevlarkatana:KevlarKatana 5 0 Vault Tec 101 bracelet Fallout 3 by Leather-By-Alex Vault Tec 101 bracelet Fallout 3 :iconleather-by-alex:Leather-By-Alex 4 1 Good Morning, Vault-Tec Calling! by Nightfable Good Morning, Vault-Tec Calling! :iconnightfable:Nightfable 126 16
Mature content
Deceit (Leonard Snart X Reader) :iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 95 20
Barbara Gordon x Male!Reader
"I've never had a thing for cops." Barbara laughed softly. She stared into a mug of coffee hanging lazily from her hand as she leaned against the railing of her balcony. Steam slowly rose upwards from her mug and she blew on it softly to cool it down. It'd be great if it didn't burn her tongue the second she decided to take a sip, after all, but there was no use dwelling on that. Especially since she had company who happened to have his own cup of coffee she had prepared for him in advance. 
"I'm sure it's hard to date a different kind of justice in a blue uniform." (Y/N) quipped. His eyes lingered on Barbara's form and couldn't believe that Barbara had an entirely different sort of life-style. It was something he could never compare himself to but he did the best he could do for the law in his uniform. Unlike him though, Barbara didn't have to operate under the law, and it was something he couldn't understand for a long time. A long time of flirting, catching criminals, an
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 63 6
Clark Kent x Daughter!Reader Out Of Control
"Honey. We need to talk."
(Y/N) stared at her food gloomily before hesitantly lifting her gaze towards her parents. Clark and Lois stared heavily upon their daughter with concern etched on their faces because of how familiar this problem seemed to be. Clark felt that not too long ago, he was struggling with his own powers, and attempting to fit into a world where super-powered beings were usually superheroes. 
But all (Y/N) wanted to do was play baseball.
Clark did not disagree with her choice of lifestyle. He was relieved, actually, that she didn't want to be apart of the hero business at all. That way he could have some comfort that she would be safe and that she would be able to protect Lois even when he couldn't. Yet still, despite knowing all of this, he also knew that (Y/N) had uncontrollable strength that needed to be tamed. 
"You broke several bats, broke someone's arm with uncontrollable pitch, and swung so hard that the balls flew over the gates and ac
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 75 20
Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader Boyfriends
The brown-haired boy fidgeted in his seat under the heavy gaze of Mr. Wayne. The man was all smiles and laughs on the news and newspapers but suddenly reality hit the poor teen as he realized that it was all a facade. The true man behind the media's picture was scary and intimidating. He had no doubt that Mr. Wayne would make his life absolutely miserable if anything went wrong - and just the mere thought struck him with terror.
"So, Atticus was it?" Mr. Wayne asked politely but behind that small smile was something even more terrible. Atticus could feel it. 
"Uh... yeah... my parents were book geeks so..."
"Uh-huh." Mr. Wayne's fake beaming smile was so blinding that Atticus wanted to get out of the Wayne Manor's dining room before he died under Mr. Wayne's gaze. The man obviously had something against him and Atticus had a pretty good idea why. However, if he unnecessarily excused himself, who knew what the man would do to him? Strangle him? Have his food poison? Black-ma
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 92 15
Happy You're Here - Deadshot x Reader
Happy You're Here - Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) x Sniper! Tough Shell, Soft Heart! Reader 
Waiting for Deadshot to meet you at the rendezvous, a tired sigh escapes you.
“How long has it been, Floyd?”
You stare up at the sky looking at no one in particular. Four years. Its been about four years since you’ve last seen him.
“Wait.. that’s not right..”
You say this to yourself and grip your sniper. Its actually been about a week since the Joker busted Harley Quinn from the CIA Blacksite, however because of the level of chaos, you’ve heard Deadshot also managed to escape. At least that’s what your contacts said.
Two days after the big news and Batman himself appearing more frequently across Gotham’s rooftops, you get the call you never thought you would hear.
“Hey {First}. Its been a while. Miss me?”
You chuckle remembering how happy his voice made you. It was like a missing part of you came b
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 87 23
Fallout4 Valentine x (Fem) Sole Survivor Our World
Disclaimer I don't own Fallout 4 or it's characters.
The world has really gone to hell...
It's still hard to swallow everything that had happened, one moment things were so perfect then suddenly panic took hold as the start of your world being torn away dawned. Losing Nate... and Shaun... all the while you were helplessly watching.
Shaking your head you ran a hand through your (h/l) (h/c) hair. God you could really use a decent shower, huh, never thought you'd miss the simplest amenities so much. Sighing you looked over the small glass of bourbon in front of you. You really hate the habit you have taken to, but the last thing you'd want is to actually admit just how torn and hopeless you felt.
You hardly spoke of yourself and just why you were traversing the Wasteland anymore, most folks just say they don't know anything and turn you away anyway. Then those who don't usually have malevolent intent... Sighing you took hold of the glass and downed the liquid courage, swallowing th
:icondark-blossom95:Dark-Blossom95 53 20


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I got tagged by :iconwriterantics:

1.- You have to post these rules
2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them
3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4.- Choose 13 people
5.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
6.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
7. - Tag-backs are ALLOWED
8.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
9. - You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
10. - Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

(You don't have to do it if you don't want to)

1.) Favourite Doctor Who character
Amy Pond

2.) Favourite book
Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe or The Perks of Being a Wallflower

3.) Favourite song
Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance

4.) Favourite type of shoe to wear

5.) Dresses or pants?

6.) Long or short hair?

7.) Have you ever dyed your hair?
Only parts of it, but I'm dying all of it after showchoir

8.) Favourite Marvel hero
Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Deadpool, DareDevil, and Gambit

9.) Favourite DC hero
Not that into DC but maybe Super Girl? Idk

10.) Favourite Marvel villain
So many! Maybe Magneto?

11.) Favourite DC villain: I'm not really into DC but I'd have to say Harlequin

12.) Do you have any posters in your room? If so, how many and explain them: I have 9. Supernatural, Ansel Elgort, Doctor Who, Two Gambit ones, Wolverine, creepypasta, Link, Magneto, and avengers vs x men

13.) Favourite deviant you read fics/see art from: oh god idk this is hard…I really like :iconzarla:'s AA art but I have a ton of favorite writers like :iconlittlemeowbeast: :iconannakatee: :iconscrougeofares: :iconnalamarietotallyrock: :iconwriterantics: :iconcall-me-cas: and a ton more!

My questions are:
1) Favorite Movie?
2) Favorite Band?
3) Clothing style?
4) Ever cosplayed? And What?
5) favorite meme?
6) favorite childhood show?
7) something that creeps you out?
8) favorite animal?
9) Favorite desert?
10) Do you watch anime? And which ones?
11) Favorite Super Hero?
12) Favorite Super Villian?
13) Favorite YouTuber?

I tag
:iconlittlemeowbeast: :iconannakatee: :iconscrougeofares:
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Companion Cube by rickyricoHi there! I see you have stumbled upon uh.... whatever this is. So...enjoy your stay! Stamp: Requests Open II by MissLadyMinx Companion Cube by rickyrico

Super Mega Smash Bros! by Newaga

Here's some facts about me...

Companion Cube by rickyricoI am...
Divergent: Amity (The Peaceful) by xxtayce Daughter of Hades by Alaenakins //Loyal Theorist - Pixel Icon// by BKcrazies0 Aperture Science Volunteer by SpinningStarshine Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose:thumb431098413: Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ PUNK by after-the-funeral Freak: Stamp by JazzaX Always tired... by prosaix trash stamp by fogIake Save The Day by doucheplz I'm A Gamer Stamp by TwilightProwler Dead stamp by CoR-The-Author MCR Killjoy Stamp by ZoruAbsol

Companion Cube by rickyricoI love...
Rain Stamp by Zephyr-Stamp Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Love Stars- stamp by AlbinoSeaTurtle Tim Burton Stamp by StampMakerLKJ:thumb497797819::thumb436002664: I Love My Companion Cube by loneantarcticwolf Marvel Stamp by alpin-j X-Men: Gambit by getanaxe My Chemical Romance Stamp by Luvise i love superheroes stamp by Roux-m Avengers Stamp by nakashimariku Marvel Comics Quicksilver Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Marvel Comics Scarlet Witch Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Panic At The Disco Stamp 2 by darkdissolution Stamps- Owl City by Koshi-Doshi Stamp: Mythology by FlantsyFlan DoFP Quicksilver Stamp - Smile by jovialHarlequin DW TARDIS Stamp by TwilightProwler .:Sherlock Stamp: B O R E D :. by zealferal RHPS Frankie Stamp by TwilightProwler Perks Stamp by pink-anthony I love Creepypasta - Stamp by Paolachief117 DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics Pewdiepie | Fabulous by loupdenuit Helena stamp by lock-and-loadx My Chem Fanstamp by Kopaka13 Markiplier: Throw It! by Oreleth JSE Fan Stamp by RedRavie

Companion Cube by rickyricoOn a side note...
Everyone IS Equal by bradleysays Intelligence For All Beings by XxDiaLinnxX Universe Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Aperature Science Love Stamp by quazo Portal - My First Stamp by NurseNormal Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 i'm in love with someone.. by discorave Support the X-Men Stamp by damphyr Gambit Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Magneto was Right Stamp by nakashimariku Acceptance by 280077s I have way too many stamps by jreaver wrong reality by WolfcatStamps Medicated for your Protection by sambees:thumb49972212: Just Waiting For the Zombies by getanaxe .:Single Parents Stamp:. by zealferal Divorce stamp by Sinister666beauty Comic Book Nerd Stamp by luluguineapig:thumb490185710: video game stamp by silver-escape DA Stamp - Don't Agree 04 by tppgraphics Gender is Unimportant by Nyaasu Gaming. Drugs would be cheaper by Nyaasu Villains stamp by YamiRyuu-chan Walls by momoight With extra cheese, wench by doucheplz my guardian angels stamp. by ryuuenx MCR Black Parade-stamp by Arie-Vampiress Cyndago: Our Angel Above by Oreleth Cyndago: R.I.P Daniel Part 3 by Oreleth

Companion Cube by rickyrico Tumblr Stamp by poserfani-write-ships-not-tragedies.tu…

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